To take a cruises has fast become a favourite way to spend vacation time for Canadians.

One can see a number of destinations on the same trip and never pack and unpack – your floating hotel stays right with you.

You have the opportunity to sample a few destinations for a day, which will enable you to know one of two things – it is so wonderful here I have to come back and experience this place in depth or you say “this was interesting, I am glad to have seen this but I would not want to spend a whole week here”.

On a cruise there is so much included – your accommodation, your meals in the main restaurants and they are considered gourmet and your entertainment. Alcoholic beverages, your flights and transfers, your optional shore excursions and gratuities are not included. There are 2 cruise lines that do include the alcoholic drinks and gratuities, but these are highly specialized cruise lines.

We at Legacy Travel have been on more than 64 cruises and we understand that not every cruise line is that same or is a “good fit” for every vacationer. We will help you choose a cruise line that is perfect for you and your needs. There are also many destinations that ships sail to, each with their own unique experiences to offer you. For someone who has never cruised before, choosing a ship and it’s itinerary can be daunting. The staff at Legacy Travel know what questions to ask so that we can determine the right ship and itinerary for you.

Ships now have a multitude of things to do while at sea. There are shopping malls, casinos, usually 11 to 15 bars and 3 or 4 showrooms – some with Broadway Shows and Las Vegas style entertainment. Ships have many pools and hot tubs, waterslides and “Flowriders” (surf board on waves in the pool), jogging tracks, Spas, mini golf, rock climbing walls, video game arcades, ice skating rinks, aqua theatres, outdoor movie nights by the pool (like a drive-in movie),whole neighbourhoods like central park or the boardwalk, zip lining, specialty restaurants, the list is endless. Many of the newer ships are like  floating cities. There are also a few select ships that are much smaller, for those that want a more “intimate” experience at sea.

There are many Theme Cruises that are offered – cooking classes, dance cruises, art auction cruises, authors cruises, VIP celebrity cruises, game show cruises, sports personality cruises, eco cruises, special events cruises, poker cruises and here the list can also go on and on.

There are companies that charter an entire cruise ship and have their meetings and “think tanks” on the ship for their staff and sometimes their families are included.

A cruise is a relaxing way for a family to travel together – they can experience different things at the same time and never be far away from each other and parents not needing to worry about their children getting lost in a strange country. Weddings can be performed on board by the captain, making this a unique Destination Wedding.

You can choose from 4 to 5 night short cruises mainly to the Bahamas or 7 – 14 night or longer, even Around the World Cruises lasting up to 90 days and the itineraries are almost endless. There are also many river cruises within Europe, where at every port a shore excursion is included and so is wine with dinner.

A cruise is a wonderful way to spoil that special someone and of course yourself.

But I must emphasize that it is imperative that you find the right cruise ship and the right itinerary for it to be a truly enjoyable and memorable experience!

Legacy Travel is the right choice  to make your “Dream Cruise” come true!

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